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Glucose Content in the Blood of Highly Productive Cattle by Lactation Periods and Housing Methods as a Criterion for Assessing Energy Metabolism [2, 2022]

Korel’skaya L. Gysarov I. Obryaeva O. Kolomiets S.

Growing and Harvesting Silage from Annual Legume-Grass Mixtures in the European North of Russia [3, 2020]

Bezgodova I.L. Konovalova N.Y.

Hematological Indicators as a Criterion for Early Postnatal Adaptation of Black-and-White Calves [2, 2020]

Smyslov V. Gysarov I.

Holstein Seed Bulls’ Breeding Potential and Their Daughters’ Productivity Point Estimation [3, 2019]

Bogdanova T.V. Bukarov N.G. Ulimbashev M.B.

Impact of Mineral Nutrition and Biological Products in Barley and Pea Cultivation for Grain Purposes [1, 2018]

Bezgodova I.L. Konovalova N.Y. Pryadilshchikova E.N. Konovalova S.S.

Impact of modern technology on the development of fodder production In the European north of the Russian federation [2, 2018]

Konovalova N.Y. Konovalova S.S. Vakhrusheva V.V.

Improving the Meat Productivity of Romanov Sheep by Ile-de-France Rams [4, 2022]

Dvalishvili V.

In memory of Vladislav K. Uglin [4, 2020]

Increasing the Term of Productive Use of Laying Hens of the Commercial Flock [2, 2019]

Yakovleva O.O.

Index of articles published in 2020 [4, 2020]

Index of articles published in 2021 [4, 2021]

Index of articles published in 2022 [4, 2022]

Index of articles published in 2023 [4, 2023]

Influence of Biologies and Cultivation Technologies on the Productivity of Corn Green Mass in the Conditions of the Yaroslavl Oblast [4, 2019]

Sabirova T.P. Tsvik G.S. Batyugov G.E.

Influence of Genotype on Production Traits of Dairy Cows [3, 2022]

Khromova O.L. Abramova N.I.

Influence of Maternal Ancestral Productivity on Offspring’s Milk Yield [1, 2023]

Abramova N.I.

Influence of Paratypical and Genetic Factors on Milk Productivity and Duration of Cows’ Productive Life in Smolensk Oblast Conditions [2, 2021]

Tatueva O. Kol'tsov D.N.

Influence of Probiotic Strain Bifidobacterium Longum on the Intestinal Microbiome of Carp [1, 2023]

Arinzhanov A.

Influence of Promising Species and Varieties of Legumes on Botanical Composition, Productivity and Nutritional Value of Annual Mixtures in the Conditions of the European North of Russia [4, 2022]

Bezgodova I.L. Konovalova N.Y.

Influence of the Harvesting Terms of Honeysuckle Green Cuttings on the Economic Efficiency of the Technology of Green Cuttings with Partial Cover of Cultivation Structures [4, 2020]

Nelyubova T. Ryzhova M.

Key elements of an effective system of milk production [2, 2018]

Alekseev A. Lykevisch D. Lykevisch V.

Localization and Quality Indicators of Fat Tissue in Bulls Depending on the Growth Technology [2, 2023]

Otarov A. Ulimbashev M.B.

Mazilov E.A. To the Readers [3, 2023]

Mazilov E.A.

Metabolic Status of High-Yielding Cows with Probiotic in the Diet [2, 2023]

Smirnova Y. Platonov A.V.

Morphological Assessment of the Sperm of Honey Bee Drones Apis Mellifera L. as an Indicator of Its Quality [3, 2022]

Gulov A. Laskin A. Lapynina E. Brandorf A.

NDFGLMRI was included in the international register of innovative and technological programs [4, 2020]

New Approaches to Assessing the Efficiency of Milk Production Enterprises [2, 2020]

Alekseev A. Dubova E.

Nutritional Value of Feedstock as a Basis for Good Quality Forage [1, 2022]

Fomenko P. Bogatyrova E.

Nutritive Value of Perennial Legume-Grain Grass Mixtures Depending on Plant Development Phase and Number of Harvests [4, 2023]

Konovalova N.Y. Konovalova S.S.

On the Institute's Centenary [1, 2020]