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The Influence of Production Engineering Solutions of the Dairy Industry on the Variability of Economically Useful Features of Cows

Alekseev A., Abramova M., Barysheva M.S., Gerasimova L.Y.

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2019

Alekseev A.A., Abramova M.V., Barysheva M.S., Gerasimova L.Yu. The influence of production engineering solutions of the dairy industry on the variability of economically useful features of cows. Agricultural and Livestock Technology, 2019, vol. 2, no. 2. URL: http://azt-journal.ru/article/28210?_lang=en DOI: 10.15838/alt.2019.2.2.6

DOI: 10.15838/alt.2019.2.2.6

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Abstract. Technological solutions in transition to the cubical system of livestock keeping are similar in their fundamental principles, but can differ significantly in relation to specific management conditions. The most common problem in the modernization of dairy cattle breeding is the omission of biological characteristics of animals in order to create the most comfortable conditions for their maintenance. The purpose of the research is to analyze the design and technological solutions of dairy complexes for compliance with their parameters of comfortable animal welfare. The novelty of the research is to determine the optimal parameters of design and technological solutions of barns, resulting in the improvement of economically useful features of cattle. In the course of the research, the indicators of exterior were evaluated, the selection and genetic parameters of cows’ measurements were calculated, the reasons for disposal, duration of economic use were analyzed and the average age of cows’ disposal was established. The calculation of the width of the cubicle and its length to the size of the body of the animal was carried out. Studies show that the length of the cubicle of 220 cm is sufficient for most of animals under study. At the same time, the width of the cubicle of 110 cm does not meet the comfortable conditions of animals’ keeping. The analysis of parameters of the size of livestock buildings in AO “Plemzavod “Yaroslavka”” reveals that with the 124 head design in the section of 124 heads the feeding front is 0.48 m, the drinking front – 0.05 m. The actual average occupancy of sections – 102 heads, whereby the feeding front and drinking increases. During the research period, the duration of economic use of cows decreased from 40.24 to 34.29 months. With the shift towards cubicle system the number of open cows has decreased , which were disposed of because of diseases of respiratory and digestive systems. At the same time, the number of animals doubled due to limb diseases. According to the research results, the optimal comfort parameters were determined. Further direction of research into this issue is the optimization of planning and technological solutions that will develop innovative technology for dairy farms with elements of comfortable keeping of cows


cattle, exterior, keeping technology, production engineering solutions, reasons for disposal, duration of economic use

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