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Optimization of Cow Milking Technology by Improving Robotic Pre-Milking Udder Preparation Unit

Kerimov M.A., Barabanov D., Nam I.Y.

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2023

Kerimov M.A., Barabanov D.V., Nam I.Ya. Optimization of Cow Milking Technology by Improving Robotic Pre-Milking Udder Preparation Unit. Agricultural and Livestock Technology, 6(1). DOI: 10.15838/alt.2023.6.1.6 URL: http://azt-journal.ru/article/29539?_lang=en

DOI: 10.15838/alt.2023.6.1.6

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A characteristic feature of milking machine functioning is nondeterministic environment in the working area and probabilistic nature of changing production conditions. As a consequence, created technical solutions for automation and robotization of the process of milking cows are technically quite complicated and, as a result, have a rather high cost. Nevertheless, the demand for such systems is great, which is dictated by the difficult labor market situation in agricultural production. The article considers the creation of robotic devices with significantly simplified design, aimed at performing individual technological operations, which will essentially reduce the cost of robotic milking, as well as integrate them into the existing milking parlors. For this purpose, we develop a pre-milking udder preparation unit which performs washing and massage of a cow’s udder in a separate machine located before entering the platform of the milking unit of “Carousel” type. As part of the study, we have worked out a functional scheme of robotic unit for pre-milking udder preparation of cows, and considered the issue of its coordinated work with milking unit. In particular, we have determined the number of robotic units required to service milking parlors with different number of machines. We propose the scheme of the manipulator for bringing the tool into the working area, and obtained analytical expressions for determining the position of the cow udder teats. Experimental studies made it possible to identify the optimal modes of the manipulator drive. Introduction of robotic systems for pre-milking udder preparation into economic practice will help to considerably reduce manual labor costs at cattle-breeding complex, and increase throughput capacity of milking systems


Machine milking, robotic system, pre-milking udder preparation, adaptive control, functioning efficiency

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