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Opening Address to the Readers and Contributors of the First Issue of the Journal “Agricultural and Livestock Technology” [1, 2018]

Glazkov M.N.

Optimization of Cow Milking Technology by Improving Robotic Pre-Milking Udder Preparation Unit [1, 2023]

Kerimov M.A. Barabanov D. Nam I.Y.

Organizing Feeding and Specification of Some Detailed Feeding Norms (Dry Matter, Crude Protein, Potassium) of Cows in High-Tech Dairy Complex [1, 2023]

Aristov A. Esaulova L. Kudinova N. Zhilkina N.

Perennial Grass of Pastoral Use for Adaptive Fodder Production of the Vologda Oblast [4, 2022]

Pryadilshchikova E.N. Vakhrusheva V.V. Chernysheva O.

Physiological and biochemical status of highly productive dairy cows of different genetic value level in the first phase of lactation [3, 2018]

Karlikova G.G. Rykov R.

Population Parameters of Productive Characteristics of the Black-and-White Cattle Breed in the Vologda Oblast [1, 2018]

Abramova N.I. Vlasova G.S. Khromova O.L. Bogoradova L.N.

Population-genetic characteristics in managing breeding process of a herd at APC Prisukhonskoye In the Vologda oblast [2, 2018]

Konovalov A.V. Ilyina A. Abramova M. Kosyachenko N. Grigorieva T.

Population-genetic parameters of the romanov sheep breed in the aspect of control and management of selection processes [4, 2018]

Kostylev M.N. Kosyachenko N. Abramova M. Barysheva M.S.

Potential of the VIR Forage Crop Collection in Fodder Production Development in Russia’s North [3, 2023]

Malyshev L. Malyshev N. Bulyntsev S. Duk O. Dzyubenko E.

Practic of Implementing Convolutional Neural Networks in Agriculture and Agro-Industrial Complex [2, 2020]

Alfer'ev D.A.

Preferential Possibilities of Grain Seeders with Chisel-Shaped (Anchor) Coulters for Russia’s Agro-Industrial Complex [4, 2021]

Milyutkin V. Buxmann V.

Prevalence of Hereditary Anomalies Characteristics of Brown Breeds in the Kostroma Breed (Review) [4, 2023]

Badanina L. Lemyakin A. Chaitskii A. Sabetova K.

Productive Differences of Red Steppe Cows of Different Constitution Types [4, 2022]

Kulintsev V. Ulimbashev M.B.

Productivity and Nutritional Value of Alfalfa-Grass Mixture of the First Year of Use in the Conditions of the Yaroslavl Oblast [1, 2019]

Sabirova T.P. Tsvik G.S. Sabirov R.A. Oshkina G.K.

Productivity and nutritional value of annual mixtures formed on the basis of promising varieties of grain legume crops [3, 2018]

Bezgodova I.L. Konovalova N.Y.

Productivity and Nutritive Value of Fodder Kale Mozgovaya Zelenaya Vologodskaya under Conditions of the Vologda Oblast [3, 2023]

Vakhrusheva V.V. Pryadilshchikova E.N. Chernysheva O.

Productivity of Legume-Grass Agrophytocenosis under Heavy Use [1, 2020]

Konovalova N.Y. Konovalova S.S.

Rating Assessment of Stud Bulls of the Kholmogorsky Breed According to Reproductive Indicators in the Vologda Oblast [2, 2021]

Yakovleva O.O. Selimyan M.O.

Reproductive Capacity and Productive Qualities of Simmental and Brown Swiss Cattle [2, 2022]

Gosteva E. Konik N. Ulimbashev M.B.

Research Publications [1, 2020]

Resource Possibilities of the Vologda Oblast Agriculture in Food Supply of the European North of Russia [4, 2019]

Patrakova S.S.

Screening of аh1 fertility haplotype In the ayrshire cattle breed in the central And northwestern regions of russia [4, 2018]

Gladyr’ E.A. Ternovskaya O.A. Kostyunina O.V.

Selection Efficiency of First-Calf Heifers Using Various Index Scores in Ayrshire Dairy Cattle Herds [3, 2021]

Romanova E. Tulinova O. Berezina V. Krysova E.

Stabilization of quarry ground by sowing perennial grasses in the conditions of nenets autonomous okrug [4, 2018]

Kononov O.D. Gintov V.V. Popov A.I.

Structural Optimization of Selection Index of Breeding Qualities of Bulls-Producers of the Simmental Breed [2, 2023]

Altukhova N. Savinov A. Solovykh A. Mel’nikova E.

Studying the theory and practice of feeding cattle in the european north of Rssia. Scientific school of A.S. Emelyanov [2, 2018]

Gysarov I. Fomenko P. Bogatyrova E.

Studying Various Breeds of Spring Rape Grown for Green Mass and Grain in the Conditions of the Vologda Oblast [1, 2023]

Chernysheva O. Vakhrusheva V.V. Pryadilshchikova E.N.

System Analysis of Shredding Technologies in Feed Preparation [3, 2021]

Kerimov M.A.

Technological Aspects of Beef Cattle Breeding in the OOO “Sputnik-Agro” Breeding Plant in the Leningrad Oblast [4, 2023]

Kozlov K. Mitrofanova O.

Technological Features of Milk Production Using VMS Robotic Milking Systems in the Conditions of the Vologda Oblast [1, 2018]

Nikiforov V.E. Nikitin L.A. Uglin V.K. Serebrova I.S. Ivanova D.A.