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Technological line for drying the seeds of fodder grasses for the conditions of the north-west of Russia [2, 2018]

Nikiforov V.E. Uglin V.K. Nikitin L.A.

Technology of Fodder Preparation with the Completion of Drying of Pressed Hay through the Vacuum Removal of Moisture [1, 2019]

Nikiforov V.E. Nikitin L.A. Uglin V.K.

Technology of Mechanized Harvesting of Quality Hay in the Conditions of the European North of Russia [3, 2022]

Nikiforov V.E. Nikitin L.A.

Territorial differentiation of agricultural production: regional aspect [4, 2018]

Anishchenko A.N.

The 100th anniversary of the Northern Dairy Farming and Grassland Management Research Institute - a separate subdivision of FSBIS VolRC RAS [1, 2021]

The Effect of the Amount of Rye in Mixed Feeds for Bulls on Growing up [4, 2022]

Zhestyanova L. Lavrent’ev A.Y. Sherne V.S.

The effect of the Biologically Active Additive Vetom-1.1 on the Quality of Wintering and Spring Development of Bee Colonies [4, 2021]

Litvinova N. Litvinov V.I.

The Effect of the Maintenance Regime of Sport Horses on the Digestibility of Nutrients in the Diet [3, 2022]

Sharas’kina O.

The Effectiveness of Using Bulls of Various Breeding in the Black-and-White Breed Population [3, 2021]

Khromova O.L.

The Experience of the Northwestern Dairy Farming and Grassland Management Research Institute in Breeding Varieties of Forage Crops [4, 2021]

Vakhrusheva V.V. Pryadilshchikova E.N. Chukhina O.V. Chernysheva O.

The Influence of Botanical Composition of Pasture Agrophytocenosis on the Crop Yield of Perennial Grasses [4, 2020]

Stolyarchuk E.I. Vakhrusheva V.V.

The Influence of Production Engineering Solutions of the Dairy Industry on the Variability of Economically Useful Features of Cows [2, 2019]

Alekseev A. Abramova M. Barysheva M.S. Gerasimova L.Y.

The Influence of Skin Mucus of Different Species of Fish on the Platelet Aggregation Activity of Ruminants in Vitro [1, 2020]

Fomina L.L. Kulakova T.S. Oshurkova Y.L. Vaitsel’ A.E.

The Influence of the Seeding Method and Intensity of Use on Botanical Composition, Productivity and Nutritional Value of Legume-Grass Agrophytocenoses [3, 2021]

Konovalova N.Y. Konovalova S.S.

The Introduction of Robotic Milking Technology in Modern Complexes of the Vologda Oblast [1, 2020]

Nikiforov V.E.

The Potential of Dairy Cattle Breeding in the Vologda Oblast within the Framework of the Possibility of Providing the Population of the Arctic Zone of Russia with Food [1, 2018]

Anishchenko A.N.

The Relationship between the Lactation Performance and Exterior Features of Ayrshire Cows at First Calving [1, 2019]

Selimyan M.O. Abramova N.I.

The state of dairy cattle breeding in the world, In Russia and the Vologda oblast [2, 2018]

Abramova N.I. Khromova O.L. Vlasova G.S. Bogoradova L.N.

The Use of an Enzyme Feed Additive when Increasing the Milk Yield in Cows [1, 2022]

Trukhachev V. Komarova O. Bagishaeva G.

The Use of Microorganisms as a Means to Increase Productivity and Sustainability of Agricultural Crops [3, 2021]

Рассохина И.И.

The Use of Pre-Starter and Starter Mixed Fodder in the Rations of Calves in OOO “Tselinnoe” [2, 2022]

Nikitina M.

Tilapia Growing on Feeds with Different Levels of Protein Concentrate “Agro-Matik” [1, 2022]

Buryakov N.P. Esavkin Y. Petrov A. Berestnev I.

Use of Domestic Enzyme Feed Additive during the Milking Period of Cows [4, 2023]

Trukhachev V. Buryakov N.P. Makhnyreva O.

Using Combine Engine’s Heat for Drying Grain in Direct Combine Operations [2, 2020]

Biryukov A.L. Zefirov I. Kuznetsova N. Gaididei S.

Variety Study of Grain-Forage Crops on Acid Soils of Kamchatka Krai in the Pacific Influence Area [3, 2023]

Zhdanova A.

Ways of Obtaining Feed Protein Using Biotechnology [1, 2021]

Troitskaya E. Artamonov I.V.

Wild or Old-Local Forage Grasses, Fruit and Berry, Vegetable and Cereal Crops in the Arkhangelsk Oblast [3, 2023]

Shipilina L.